Unfreeze your Finances this Winter!

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Join us on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at 9am to hear Andrew Louw’s signature talk “Andrew, I need 5 million bucks”


At Enterpriseroom we believe in capacitating SMEs by providing essential and much needed training around relevant business challenges they may experience on their growth path to success. We believe strongly that through starting, sustaining, growing and accelerating SMEs we can achieve socio-economic transformation in South Africa, in a way that positively impacts all South Africans.

As part of our movement to be challengers for change and because we have a desire to change the world for good we put together collectives of some of the most inspiring and brightest minds to come and share valuable and practical insights with our SMEs to help them forge a deeper path to success.

As part of this broader initiative we have created two bi-weekly events: “Tactical Tuesdays” and “Fired-Up Fridays”. These sessions are intended to educate and inspire SMEs on their own personal entrepreneurial journeys and help upskill them with the knowledge and insight they need to take their businesses to the next level.

We are savvy solution seekers and we have recognised that SMEs are not supported adequately enough when it comes to financial management and to help them overcome this challenge, these sessions, during the months of June and July, have been themed as “Unfreeze your Finances this Winter” and to kick it all off we have the absolute privilege of hosting Andrew Louw on the 26th June and Marnus Broodryk  on the 6th July 2018 as our guest speakers.

Andrew Louw has over 10 years’ experience in venture capital and credit hedge funds and a number of years’ experience in consulting and medicine. He has spent most of his career based in London and has invested in the United States, Europe and South Africa.

On the 26th  June Andrew Louw will be giving his talk – “Andrew, I need 5 Million Bucks” – This addresses determining financial needs, budgeting and lastly accessing finance.

Marnus Broodryk was the youngest investor ever on the international television show Shark Tank and has built one of the most valued and successful accounting firms in South Africa. Today, this 32-year-old entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of The Beancounter. The Beancounter is an accounting firm that is not just about accounting: SMEs often do not have the capacity or knowledge to perform their own financial functions, an essential aspect of business, so the team at The Beancounter provides the necessary skills and assistance at an affordable cost.

Marnus will be presenting a Fired-Up Friday session on the 6th July 2018 where he will be doing what he does best – inspiring, motivating and encouraging SMEs on their journey to success.

Tactical Tuesday on 26 June 2018 kicks off our Unfreeze Your Finances sessions.

  • After attending all the sessions in the series delegates will received the following:
    • A flash drive containing templates and tools e.g. budgeting templates and business models, course notes and guidelines on how to do a budget or business


If you would like to attend these sessions, please contact bangi@enterpriseroom.com for more info.


Date:    Tuesday 26 June 2018

Time:    09h00- 12h00

Cost:     R100 per person

Venue:  Enterpriseroom

               First Floor, Rosebank Corner

               191 Jan Smuts Avenue


RSVP:    Bangiwe Mthebula at bangiwe@enterpriseroom.com


Please RSVP soonest if you want to book your place.


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