Capitalise on business opportunities by shifting your thinking with these online courses

The COVID-19 crisis has hit many of our businesses hard, and there are several ways you can adapt your business model to adjust to the changes it has brought about. Read our article on reinventing your business during difficult times here. There is however another crucially important aspect to reinventing your business; your mindset!

As SMMEs, we not only need to take transformation into account for our business entities, but we need to be aware of our personal transformation. 

This situation is new for all of us, and it is valid and necessary to take the time to grieve your loss of income. Moving your business forward from this crisis will however rely on your ability to shift your mindset from a victim mentality to that of an empowered entrepreneur ready take on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


There are great FREE resources out there that can help you shift your thinking, remove limiting beliefs and spark your creativity and passion again.   

Funzi is an online learning website that offers a range of FREE short online course endorsed by the United Nations, the African Union Development Agency – NEPAD and the World Health Organisation. All provide a PDF certificate upon completion. Check out some of their courses below: 

1. Get that future  

Get the skills and toolkit to help open your mind up to new ways of thinking. On this short course you will learn: 

  • How to understand your thoughts, your feelings and your actions today
  • Creating opportunities and seizing them
  • Understanding and embracing change
  • Building different future scenarios through understanding megatrends

Access it here:

2. Founder 101  

You may have been a business owner for years, but COVID-19 has knocked the wind out of many of our sails. Why not go back to basics and connect with your positive founder mentality! On this short course you will learn: 

  • What it means to be a Founder and Entrepreneur
  • How to explore your inspiration to take ideas to market
  • Learn essential business skills for product or service development, marketing, sales, finances, organization and leadership

Access it here:

3. COVID-19: Adapt and Thrive

These are unprecedented times we live in. So why not take a course to prepare yourself to adapt and thrive. You will learn:  

  • About COVID-19, what you can do, it’s effects on your family and community and how to stay health and safe
  • How to maintain your social and financial well-being focussing on physical, mental, emotional, social and financial impacts of the Coronavirus

Access it here:

Join our webinar!

You are not in this alone. Join our FREE think-tank webinar with Abed Tau, entrepreneur and author of Searching Through Dustbins. Through his authenticity Abed strives to create more lasting entrepreneurs in our beautiful country, recognising that entrepreneurship is about hard work, the proverbial ‘search through dustbins’ for business and leaving no stone unturned. He is inspirational and will motivate you to ensure that your business dreams and aspirations stay on track. Click here to access the webinar:

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