Discovery enterprise and supplier development programme

solutions provided


  • Strategy development
  • Technology and innovation
  • BBBEE advisory
  • Procurement analysis solutions
  • Enterprise and supplier development
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Programme management
  • Programme implementation

geographic reach


  • KwaZulu Natal
  • Limpopo
  • Western Cape
  • Gauteng
  • Mpumalanga
  • Eastern Cape



  • 2010 – current

Discovery needed a programme that


  • Aligns to their objectives to deliver better health care and value for its clients
  • Promotes and supports innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable commercial opportunities across the health and insurance value chains
  • Identifies and develops pipeline opportunities for their procurement as well as their Enterprise Development Fund and supplier development

the programme has had a significant impact to date

87 million

loans and grants disbursed


enterprises participating in a financial stability incubation programme


beneficiaries participated in a motor body repairers programme


beneficiaries participated in a plumber programme


healthcare innovators participated in networking events


enterprises travelled to Israel & Silicon Valley for technological medical advancement

how enterpriseroom helped create business advantage for Discovery


Since the inception of Discovery’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme, we have worked closely with Discover’s executives, looking at how we can constantly innovate while providing a full suite of solutions, ensuring good governance, strong relationships with the verification agency and the latest information on sector developments. As part of our strategy development and implementation, we:

  • Constantly looked at ways in which we could help Discovery meet their commercial objectives of lower cost of care and attracting and retaining customers through enterprise development programmes that include supporting the establishment and expansion of step-down/day-care facilities for Discovery Health, development of an independent financial advisor network for Discovery Life and the support of strategic suppliers such as motor body repairers and plumbers for Discovery Insure
  • Revised the monitoring and evaluation framework to track job creation within the broader sustainability unit
  • Tailored the ESD application process to enhance enterprise development filtering and diagnostics
  • Monitored financial return on the provision of financial assistance to qualifying enterprises
  • Helped drive SME growth through providing the relevant training, mentorship, coaching and technical support
  • Built partnerships with key industry bodies to further support emerging innovators
  • Provided business model viability testing and facilitated supply chain introductions to Discovery
  • Designed bespoke innovation initiatives that include workshops, networking events and the global entrepreneurs programme boot camps
  • Incubated new enterprises to sell funeral policies

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