Discovery limited global entrepreneur development programme: Silicon Valley

solutions provided


  • Enterprise and supplier development
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Programme management
  • Programme implementation
  • Porgramme Design

geographic reach


  • National



  • August 2016 – April 2017

Discovery needed a programme that


  • Positions Discovery as a leader in entrepreneurship and enterprise development

  • Positions Discovery as a lead collaborator in the sharing of new innovative ideas and a thought leader and innovator for change

  • Disseminates information on the different ways that interested parties can partner with Discovery and grow investment and partnership pipeline

  • Provides a platform to share Discovery’s expertise and insights

  • Provides a platform for open discussion on global healthcare needs and what is working

the programme has had great results to date



Average improvement in financial management



Average improvement in marketing and sales management



Average improvement in business strategy



Average improvement in compliance, governance and regulatory adherence



New permanent jobs were created



Deals/Contracts signed post trip for three participant



Enterprises introduced to Paris-based e-health observatory



supported Med-Tech entrepreneurs

how enterpriseroom is helping Discovery take innovative entrepreneurs to the world


In 2016, Enterpriseroom worked with Discovery to design a comprehensive entrepreneur development programme centred on the advancement of healthcare through technological innovation. The programme is designed to provide South African-registered medtech entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network and learn in a global market, while being fully supported through pre and post trip business development support and facilitated access to procurement, supply chain and investment opportunities. 17 medtech innovators were selected for the programme, the highlight being a trip to Silicon Valley.
As part of our management and implementation of the programme, we:


  • Designed and developed the programme to meet the strategic objectives of the client as well as practically address the needs of entrepreneurs in the sector
  • Assist in the planning and execution of a launch event for the trip
  • Develop and manage the source and selection process for the trip
  • Manage the baseline assessments of each individual business to determine and agree customised business development plans for the programme
  • Provided 150 hours of one-on-one business advisory support
  • Plan and execution of the 2-day Discovery Entrepreneur Development BootCamp
  • Manage the execution of the individual business mentorship for each enterprise both pre and post trip

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