a leading financial services provider supplier development programme

solutions provided


  • Enterprise and supplier development strategy
  • Skills development
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Programme management
  • Programme implementation

geographic reach


  • National



  • September 2013 – September 2014

a leading financial services provider needed a programme that


  • Aligned with the requirements of the Financial Services Board and anticipated changes in the Codes of Good Practice
  • Assisted them to face increased challenges in meeting FSC procurement targets, and in reaching Enterprise Development targets due to non-recoverable spend requirement
  • Provided strong and enduring suppliers who met the requirements of black ownership, black women ownership and size categories
  • Supported them in embarking on a supplier development programme that facilitated the predefined requirements and enabled suppliers to access the supply chain

the programme created exceptional benefits


Permanent jobs created


Business contracts acquired

how enterpriseroom helped the client achieve transformation milestones


The client sought to increase the capability, capacity and sustainability of supplier enterprises as part of its commitment to the development of the South African economy and, to enable:

  • Improved service delivery from vendors
  • Increased market access for enterprises, ensuring their sustainability beyond contracts with Standard Bank
  • Learning and business sustainability

As part of the programme, Enterpriseroom :

  • Was responsible for the design and implementation of their enterprise development strategy, as well as the conceptualisation and implementation of the supplier development programme for 10 suppliers
  • Performed a business diagnostic on each business, designed individual development plans and initiated a mentorship programme for each business.
  • Designed various measurement tools to demonstrate impact

The 12-month programme not only benefitted their BBBEE scorecard but also fulfilled the broader objective of building and furtherenhancing the capacity of black owned and black women owned small enterprises and assisting them achieve operational and financial independence. Overall, the programme enabled a number of businessesto grow and mature.