a leading packaging company enterprise and supplier development programme

solutions provided


  • Strategy development
  • BBBEE advisory and scorecard management
  • Procurement analysis solutions
  • Enterprise and supplier development
  • Skills development
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

geographic reach


  • National



  • 2010 – 2017

the client needed a programme that


  • Provided them with strategic BBBEE advice
  • Provided business development support services (financial, human resources, compliance) to the ED and SD beneficiaries
  • Conducted a thorough pre- and post-investment due diligence assessment of enterprises wanting to access ED or SD funding

the programme has effected transformation in impactful ways


permanent jobs created


new black owned businesses established

R13.8 million

worth of loans granted to black owned businesses

how Enterpriseroom helped the client achieve transformation milestones


Since 2010, Enterpriseroom has provided the client with ongoing enterprise development programme management support. This has included:


  • Establishing improved procurement processes
  • Ensuring maximum early payment claim
  • Sourcing ED beneficiaries that meet the strategic requirements of the client’s head office and its divisions


As part of our ESD Programme management services, we:


  • Designed an enterprise and supplier development strategy (early 2009)
  • Provided ongoing mentorship programme management
  • Assisted with the establishment of new ventures out of operations earmarked to be closed down, such as a tinware printing company in Cape Town
  • Supported local service providers – including businesses established by previous employees
  • Facilitated putting black-owned suppliers on early payment terms to improve their cash flows
  • Onboarded new black-owned suppliers into the database
  • Organised and ran roadshows to all divisions which increased awareness of what is good enterprise and supplier development and understanding of interventions that lead to sustainability
  • Brought management and staff on board by relating the mentorship action plan directly to their needs and challenges; while being sustainable, determining realistic expectations together with defined (financial and non-financial) returns and measurable impact