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BBBEE strategy

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  • BBBEE advisory
  • Strategy development
  • Project management to ensure implementation towards achieving the targets

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  • National



  • 2014 –  2016

the client required a BBBEE strategy that


  • Provides an as-is audit on the current status of the company against the revised codes
  • Ensures compliance on the Amended ICT Codes
  • Presents a transformation plan to the Chief Risk Officer to present to clients

the programme created exceptional benefits

A comprehensive transformation plan

Ensuring compliance despite changes from the DTI, allowing the client to continue trading with large clients

A strong drive to ensure more black women are hired into senior level positions

how enterpriseroom supported the client’s transformation plan


Given that the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice were in the process of being amended and the Amended Codes were to be effective from April 2015, the client anticipated that it could drop multiple BBBEE scorecard levels with the risk of becoming non-compliant. Enterpriseroom supported the client in presenting a transformation plan to clients to ensure an ongoing relationship with them and assure them of their commitment to transformation.


Enterpriseroom put together a comprehensive BBBEE strategy that involved developing a plan to comply with the then draft Amended ICT Code that included Management Control, Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development and the tracking of the Ownership and Socio-Economic Development points. This ensured that the client would remain compliant with the Amended ICT Code, notwithstanding the steeper compliance requirements.


As part of our BBBEE advisory offering, we:


  • Began the project with a scorecard assessment, interviews and information gathering to determine current status and identify short-term opportunities and quick wins
  • Held a workshop with key internal stakeholders to discuss findings and elicit feedback
  • Completed this phase with a comprehensive report and recommendations for the BBBEE and transformation agenda and plan for the company
  • Developed a specific strategy on how the points for each element could be scored to ensure compliance

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