skills development strategy for a client in the ICT industry

solutions provided


  • BBBEE and skills development advisory
  • Strategy development
  • Implementation plan and tracking tool
  • National map of training service providers

geographic reach


  • National



  • 2016

the client needed a strategy that


  • Achieves the required BBBEE points for Skills Development
  • Develops skills that meet the client’s short and long-term resourcing requirements
  • Contributes to closing skills gaps in the ICT sector that are limiting participation in their value chain
  • Enables broader economic inclusion and subsequent participation in South Africa’s digital economy

in one year the strategy resulted in


youth gaining employment through learnerships


learners with disabilities gaining employment


employees improving critical skills

how enterpriseroom improved skills development for the client


Skills development has been identified as a priority in the Amended BBBEE Codes of Good Practice, requiring a minimum threshold of 40% of the available points to be met in order to prevent downgrading by a level. The skills spend target has further been increased from 3% to 6% of payroll on accredited training with an additional target of 2.5% of total employees for learnerships for unemployed black people. They also needed to meet the subminimum requirements for the revised ICT Code for 2017.


Enterpriseroom worked closely with all the business unit heads to develop a high-level strategy for the client’s 2016/2017 financial year, alongside a comprehensive implementation plan and tool to track progress.


As part of the process, we:


  • Began with a scorecard assessment, interviews and information gathering to determine current status and identify short-term opportunities and quick wins
  • Held workshops with key internal stakeholders to discuss findings and elicit feedback with regards to skills development plans
  • Culminated the phase with a comprehensive report, scenarios and recommendations for implementation of the skills strategy
  • Designed a specific strategy on how the points could be scored to ensure compliance, once the client reached consensus on the way forward
  • Developed an implementation plan and tool to track the implementation and ensure set targets were met

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