Level 4 industries allowed: Businesses that are allowed to be open in level 4

As part of the South African governments phased emergence from lockdown, Level 4 of the risk adjusted strategy came into effect of Friday, 1 May 2020. 

What does Level 4 lockdown mean for your business? 

Level 4 is about moving ahead with caution as we start up the core sectors of the economy.

Under Level 4 lockdown the following industries are allowed to operate to varying degrees: 

Wholesale and retail: 

Retailers, spaza shops, hardware shops and wholesalers that sell the essential products set out by government are allowed to operate under Level 4. Such as selected household items including stationery, essential vehicle services/parts and winter clothing and goods. 

Manufacturing sector: 

A 100% return to operations is allowed for all products supporting Level 4, inputs to essential services, paper, petroleum refineries, furnaces and smelts. A 50% return is permitted for stationery, cement, construction materials, winter clothing, bedding and heating, automotive, steel, rail and shipbuilding. All other manufacturing is allowed to resume operations at 30% capacity. Essential maintenance to prevent damage and permit orderly shutdown is allowed. 

Accommodation and food services: 

Only isolation and quarantine accommodation will be allowed. Restaurants will be able to sell hot cooked food for home delivery 9am-7pm, subject to curfew. No sit down, or pick-ups are permitted.

Construction and related services: 

Civil engineering and construction for public works projects is allowed. Critical maintenance and repairs are also allowed. Cement, other construction materials, and hardware will be scaling up in phases of up to 50% employment. All other manufacturing will scale up to 20% employment.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing: 

All food agriculture and services (livestock) agriculture is permitted, including the export of agricultural products. 

Information and communication services: 

All telecommunication services and infrastructure; ICT services for all private and business customers are permitted. Postal services and courier services related to transport of medical products and essential Level 4 services are allowed. Personal ICT equipment, including computers, mobile telephones and airtime/ data will be permitted in the relaxed regulations.

Media and entertainment services

Online services, newspapers and broadcasting – including productions for local broadcast and live streaming in support of Covid-19 subject to directions will be permitted. 

Financial and business services

Some call centres and essential financial services may operate subject to government regulations. Payroll-related systems and workers are allowed, and other professional services may operate only where work-from-home is not possible, and only to support other Level 4 services. Private security services are allowed to operate.

Automotive and transport sector:

Automotive manufacturing, including components, will be scaling up in phases to 50% employment. Rental of motor vehicles, machinery and equipment to support other Level Four services will be allowed. Transport services, public rail, minibus taxi and bus services will resume at levels and on terms as will be set out in directions, based on the progressive increase in commuter numbers during the various phases.

Emergency services and repairs:

Vehicle recovery services and emergency car repairs, plumbers, electricians, lock smiths, roofing and glaziers are allowed to return to work. 

Mining and quarrying

Coal production for Eskom and open-cast mining will be allowed to scale up to full employment. All other mining will start in batches, scaling up towards 50% employment. 

Health and welfare: 

All medical and veterinary services are permitted, including wildlife management. Trade union essential staff for workers covered by Level 4 and all social work, counselling, care and relief activities are permitted. Funeral and cremation services as well as all cleaning, sanitation, pest control, sewerage, waste, and refuse removal services are allowed to operate. Recycling of glass, paper and metal including informal recyclers are permitted to operate at 50% capacity. 

View detailed Level 4 regulations here: https://www.gov.za/documents/disaster-management-act-regulations-29-apr-2020-0000

Going back to work? View the government regulations for COVID-19 occupational health and safety measures in workplaces here: https://www.gov.za/documents/disaster-management-act-covid-19-occupational-health-and-safety-measures-workplaces-29-apr


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