we’re passionate about transformation through entrepreneurship

At Enterpriseroom, we’re intent on contributing to inclusive and enduring economic growth for South Africa. This means accelerating small and medium-sized black-owned businesses (SMEs), while creating opportunities for youth employment as SMEs grow and expand.


Our work is designed to be SME-centric. We are demand-driven and have a thorough understanding of our clients’ procurement needs. Which means that when it comes to developing entrepreneurs, we can be highly targeted and industry-specific, ensuring that our entrepreneurs have the market access they need in order to grow sustainable businesses. At the same time, we partner with them on their journey, by providing individualised support through a variety of methods.

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we help government and corporates maximise their BBBEE scorecards, aligned to their core business strategies

We guide and assist government and companies to develop and implement high impact, sustainable transformation programmes. Our offering further extends to supply chain, skills development, and youth and community development strategies and programmes. Our practical solutions are tailored to each client’s unique requirements, making sure we align to their strategic business objectives, ensuring maximum return on social investment, while meeting stakeholder expectations and scorecard targets.

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we use technology to open up new opportunities

We believe that innovation and technology can be a powerful enabler for SMEs, for entrepreneurial growth and competitive advantage. To stay ahead and grow in today’s ever-evolving marketplace, businesses need to be constantly innovating and delivering new and improved products and services.

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our team has extensive experience

Across both the public and private sectors, our team has collectively over 305 years’ experience, with in-depth development, regulatory and commercial knowledge, insights and expertise in the transformation space.

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enterpriseroom at a glance

we have contributed to the following organisations:

1 of 10 expert participants in Catalyst for Growth

International Conference on Small Business contributor

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa task team member

South African Committee for Human Resource Development advisor

UNCTAD Expert Meeting (MYEM) on Pro-poor Entrepreneurship participant

growing youth as we grow our business

As an SME ourselves, we put our money where our mouth is and have recruited several first-time work seekers through Harambee Youth Accelerator. We are also a growing business and believe in growing others, whilst doing our part in job creation.

our purpose

We strongly believe that through starting, sustaining, growing and accelerating black-owned businesses and using an innovative approach to the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice, we can achieve true socio-economic transformation in South Africa, in a way that positively impacts all South Africans.

our values

Our values define who we are, what we do and how we do it. They are our unwavering commitment to our entrepreneurs, our corporate clients, our country and ourselves.

challengers for change

As disruptive innovators, trailblazers and revolutionary thought leaders, we are the change. Always proactive, we empower others and ignite possibilities.

practical pioneers

We’re savvy solution seekers, always raising the bar, who’ll stop at nothing to find solutions that are practical and pragmatic, relevant and real.

bold and courageous

Curious and confident, we’re ready to take on the world, challenging ourselves and each other. We zig when others zag, do what it takes and give it our all.


Optimistic and upbeat, we move to the rhythm of South Africa. We reach out and lean in, listening with our heads and hearts, with open minds and arms.

switched on

We’re-up-to-date with the world and its ways, the whats, whens, hows, whys and wherefores. We turn up the energy, enthusiasm and drive to achieve.

plugged in

We’re committed and connected in a multitude of ways, always ready to collaborate. So we’re quick to react and eager to respond, building trust on trust.

our leadership team


Tracey Webster

Chief Visionary

Tracey has spent over 20 years starting, innovating, scaling and building sustainable organisations. She has worked in the UK, USA, South America, Southern, West and East Africa, developing an exceptional network of leaders and entrepreneurs spanning these continents. Tracey places a high focus on vision, strategy, innovation and effective…

use of programme funding as well as in-depth analysis of SME needs in order to craft customised business development solutions. She has cultivated a number of business partnerships which have enriched both Enterpriseroom as well as its ability to impact transformation, skills transfer, job creation and revenue generation within SMEs.


Nozizwe Jele

Author of Making it Happen

Nozizwe is highly experienced in the development and implementation of enterprise development strategies for large organisations, designing tailored programmes that assist businesses with improvement strategies, linked to their value chains that also improve their market access. She has analysed local development operating models for…

best practices and advised clients on the resulting recommendations. Nozizwe worked with an organisation tasked with realising government’s local development objectives of job creation, skills development and procurement from local suppliers. She has also worked as a management consultant and project manager with public sector clients on strategy and transformation projects.

our team


Nomfuneko Mbundwini

Master Reporter

Noluthando Tutani

Senior Maestro of All Things

Charmaine Bareki

Master of Most Things

Niall Gahan

Business Jedi

Sue Jurgens

Ringmaster and Reporter-in-Chief

Guinivere Pedro

Senior Maestro of All Things

Sharon Balunnga

Co-ordinator of All Things

our board


Keshan Pillay

CEO - Makalani

Leora Rajak

Founder - Enterpriseroom

Nozizwe Jele

Head of Implementation - Enterpriseroom

Tracey Webster

CEO - Enterpriseroom

our achievements


Supported in ESD programmes


SME's trained


In jobs created


Million in loans facilitated and supported


Average increase in revenue per business


Million grants facilitated

our partners

We have established valuable strategic partnerships with specialist experts, enabling us to offer world-class solutions to our entrepreneurs. These include access to finance, business networks and linkages, legal, bookkeeping, training and development, sourcing entry-level employees, operational efficiency, ICT, marketing and back-office support.


At Enterpriseroom, we take compliance seriously and have implemented governance and privacy principles that define how we collect, use, store and dispose of personal information, aligned to PAIA and POPI. We constantly take a proactive approach in implementing requirements to ensure an environment where full compliance is continuously enhanced and sustained.