aligning BBBEE strategy to core business strategies

We believe that when companies employ an integrated approach to BBBEE that aligns to their business strategy, it can be a powerful driver for innovation, business growth and competitive advantage. Which is why, at Enterpriseroom, we are passionate about transformation through entrepreneurship.

We actively work with clients across various sectors, developing and implementing high impact, sustainable enterprise and supplier development, skills development, youth and community development strategies and programmes. Through the innovative application of the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice, we are able to create better value for both our clients and entrepreneurs.


Our practical solutions are tailored to each client’s unique requirements, making sure we align to their strategic business objectives, ensuring maximum return on social investment, while meeting stakeholder expectations.

using transformation as a catalyst for innovation

In order to remain relevant in a marketplace that is constantly being disrupted by technology, organisations need to continuously innovate. At the same time, they need to invest in transformation and BBBEE. When used to its full advantage through the smart application of the Codes of Good Practice, BBBEE becomes a differentiator that allows companies to optimise profits, leverage the use of technology and drive strategic innovation of your core business.

strategy development

To help our clients improve their BBBEE scores, we develop and implement strategies, aligned to their core business objectives that ensure ESD programme sustainability and maximum ROI.

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technology and innovation

We use our core competency in BBBEE to channel ESD spend to fund innovation; support SMEs to be solution architects for innovation; improve SME activity in the technology space, developing them to be supply chain ready and relevant.

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BBBEE advisory and scorecard management

We provide advisory across all elements of the scorecard, identify gaps, develop quick-win strategies to uncover hidden points, and maximise scorecard objectives. We also help our clients to prepare for their BBBEE verification and lodge appeals.


At the same time, we assist non- transformed Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) become BBBEE compliant, helping them transform at an ownership level, creating a strategic alignment between BBBEE compliance and business sustainability.

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procurement analysis solutions

We help our clients understand how their buying decisions affect their Preferential Procurement scorecard. We conduct detailed spend analysis to identify opportunities for compliant and qualifying suppliers, while providing solutions to transform non-compliant suppliers.

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SME development and growth

Utilising our bespoke tools we source and select small and medium sized black-owned businesses relevant to corporates’ value chains and ESD requirements. We work directly with the business owners of qualifying black-owned SMEs at various stages of business growth to improve their operational capabilities, financial sustainability and capacity. Each business is unique, and as such the support offered is guided by development gaps identified during the business diagnostic.

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skills development

We offer a comprehensive skills development solution that includes strategy, employment equity and workplace skills plans designed for maximum rebates and grants; integration of skills development with other BBBEE pillars and implementation plans that include vetted training providers.

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monitoring, evaluation and reporting

We start the process at the onset of a programme, setting out the criteria for the development, collection and analysis of credible and viable data aligned to programme objectives. We use both a standard set of indicators as well as develop bespoke tools for our clients.

programme management

We use best-of-breed professional project methodologies, adapted to the scale and approaches required for each bespoke programme, We provide end-to-end management, including strategic, operational and governance structures, technical and administrative support; relationship and consultant management; systems management; monitoring, evaluation and reporting; exit assessments; and communications facilitation.

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our partners

We have established valuable strategic partnerships with specialist experts, enabling us to create broader impact and enhance our clients’ initiatives. To discover how we’ve achieved this, take a look at our case studies.

our clients

We are proud to work with some of South Africa’s leading organisations who are committed to playing an active role in promoting enduring growth and economic inclusion. If you’d like to join them, contact us.


Discovery enterprise and supplier development programme

feasibility study for the Hout Bay Partnership

a leading packaging company enterprise and supplier development programme

get involved

We’re always looking for great individuals who would like to contribute to socio-economic transformation in South Africa. If you’re interested in investing your time or money, while also earning BBBEE credits, contact us to find out more